Science Week at TPDN!


Last month we took part in science week. We planned some exciting activities and experiments to carry out throughout the week in which the children thoroughly enjoyed throughout the whole Nursery.

It was a fun week of exploring, observing and making predictions. We may not have always got it right straight away but had fun trying and learning along the way. With the help of professors in Science Rachel and Sarah, children participated in lots of science activities where they poured, mixed and waited for reactions.

We used milk, vinegar, baking powder, food colouring, bubbles and shaving foam. We made predictions before ingredients where added and watched while the magic happened of course while wearing our safety goggles. There were all sorts of reactions some faster than others. It was then time to take notes to document what we had done. We are looking forward to more science experiments during the coming months as we continue to get little minds thinking about cause and effect.