Forest School

A small group of children have been exploring Marble Hill Park with Miss Tina with the support of Sarah, Rachel and Ian. The purpose of these regular trips is to gain a Level 3 qualification as a Forest School Leader. Once this qualification is achieved a larger group of children will have the opportunity to be part of the experience. Children visit local woodland areas managing their own risks, building resilience, working as a team and finding out about the World around them and how they can keep it safe for the future.

Learning back at Nursery too……

The thinking behind Forest School doesn’t just happen outside. A whole range of children have been exploring the World around us as we read books thinking about how we can care for trees, flowers and the smallest of woodland bugs and creatures. The story ‘Tidy’ shows us how we can tidy up too much. Of course we don’t leave our rubbish lying around but the cheeky badger in the story went a little too far and tidied up all the trees, leaves and mud leaving nowhere for the foxes, squirrels and bugs to live. He even replaced the muddy ground with concrete. I bet it’s not too much fun exploring there once he’s finished! If you get a chance why not borrow the book from your local library. It will get little minds thinking and support them to protect their environment for the future. Title Tidy, written by Emily Gravett