Twickenham Park Day Nursery offers a range of opportunities for learning in a caring and stimulating environment. Children’s individual development is catered for through a balance of free play accessed through planned activities and a focused emphasis on all aspects of the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Key Persons plan activities through observations on their Key children. This information is then used for next steps and then incorporated into the weekly curriculum. All children are catered for according to age and development from babies to Pre-School age.

Our classrooms are decorated with bright displays of the children’s artwork and photographs of their participation in activities. For Physical development, the children enjoy daily outdoor activities in the nursery garden and regularly visit the river and local nature areas. In addition, all age groups participate in music and drama sessions facilitated by external teachers.

Pre-School children also have the opportunity to take part in our extra-curricular activities. These include Ballet, Football, Karate and French. Swimming is also facilitated at ‘Pools on the Park’ in Richmond on a weekly basis.

The six areas of learning:

1. Personal Social and Emotional Development

Twickenham Park Day Nursery aims to provide opportunities and activities for the children to feel valued, so that both a strong self-image and self-esteem are promoted. The children are encouraged to be confident and independent in the classroom. We encourage children to recognise and celebrate their differences in a secure welcoming environment.

2. Communication and Language Development

From our youngest children through to the Pre School room, children are provided with opportunities to communicate with both adults and their peers, to practice and extend their range of vocabulary and communication. From their first smile in the Baby Room through to the conversations heard in the Pre-School room all of our children are encouraged to explore, enjoy and communicate with one another.

3. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

In order to develop their understanding and awareness of shapes, textures, numbers and problem solving, the children look at patterns, measuring, shape and numbers from a very early age. Through songs and practical activities, they begin to gain an understanding and awareness of numbers.

4.  Literacy Development

This area helps to discover phonemic awareness and this way of learning to read and spell will continue into their next stage. This is the ability to hear and identify words and sounds, and also to start to read and write.

5. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

All children are provided with opportunities to explore and find out about their environment. Our resources and activities encourage the children to question, experiment and explore the world around them. Parents are encouraged to take part in their children’s learning by celebrating festivals and important events with the Day Nursery. Children’s self-esteem and acceptance encourages them to recognise and celebrate all children’s abilities as part of the nursery family.

6. Creative Development

Children explore and share thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of creative activities. They are encouraged to use their imagination through art and design, music, dance, role play and voices; the emphasis is on the children’s participation and efforts.

7. Physical Development

From their first attempt at sitting independently, to competing in races at our Annual Sports Day, children are encouraged to develop confidence, hand eye co-ordination and control, both indoors and out.

Extra Curricular

At Twickenham Park Day Nursery we have a lot of extra curricular activities to help the development of your child. These include the following:

  • Ballet Lessons
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Karate
  • Baby Massage